Sunday, November 24, 2013

Way Back Home

My goodness! These past couple weeks have been a wild ride home, but alas here I am, finally away from the madness and wrapped snuggly in the warmth of my 14-year-old brother's bed. It's been a few days since I've been back in my home state (good ol' cali) but man, has time escaped me. Here are a few cosas that have kept me occupied.

I'd been meaning to pick up a Murakami book for some time now, and the 5 hour plane ride home appeared the perfect opportunity! I shamefacedly admit this is the first of his work I've dipped my toes into but daaaang son, Mr. Haruki sure has showed me - his fancy footwork that is. Written in deceptively simple prose, the book weaves a realistic account of romantic pursuit in all its twists and turns, complete with heights of exultation, meandering moments of intense hesitation, and more regret than can reasonably brushed under the remorse rug. It makes me cringe to say this because it is so unforgivably cheesy, but I legitimately stepped off the plane in a daze. I had to share with someone - so there!

Dolly Parton contribution - a real knockout way back when, no? That bellbottomed, bedazzled velour megastar jumpsuit doe.

Speaking of venerated hotties of days gone by, it felt wrong not to mention my long time hero China Machado. I'll probably dedicate an entire post to her sometime in the future but enjoy these for now. An inspiration to ethnic as well as not-so-ethnic girls everywhere!

Last but not least, I wanted to give you all a peak at a rare stones exhibition my very dear family friends have spent years and countless dollar signs curating. Lasting four days, the display was open in downtown Los Angeles to the public until late this afternoon, and consists of over 100,000 rare stones and fossils from around the world. Here are some pics from the event!

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