Thursday, November 17, 2016

Nov 17

As I prepare for gleeful days ahead, these are some songs getting me through the present.

xx, a nostalgic Christina (nothing new)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Down to Earth

Set to the 100% recognizable, hip-swaying goodness that is Flight Facilities, Sam Rockwell shows us exactly how to get down. Disclaimer: I've been in love with this man since first seeing him play adorable villian, Eric Knox, in acclaimed hit-film Charlie's Angels. lols. But in all seriousness, this man is priiiiime. Static from a mysterious boombox witnesses his fairytale transformation from dissatisfied middle aged schlub (as if they could really make him an ugly duckling though) into suave Rockefeller fellow who kicks, spins, and taps the years of grime off a greasy diner counter, in the process, nunchucking a rubber chicken for all it's worth, showing off his versatility with a couple tricks on a lasso, before finally pulling out an umbrella in a sort of ode to Gene Kelly's Singing in the Rain. All in all, what can I say but please love me, Sam Rockwell.

My gift to you: the dance scene that has been dropping panties worldwide for, gasp, fifteen years now. Important things to note: rose toned pimp glasses and preference for Coke over Pepsi. For reference, the track is Pharoahe Monch's Simon Says.

xx, a Christina revisiting Christopher Walken

Friday, May 29, 2015

Abundant Praise

Hello to youuuuuu, beautiful stranger. I came across these babies via Need Supply in my search for a pair of suave sandals to take me through the upcoming summer months. After my initial reaction of being struck by both exquisite shoe and matching price (retails from $385-545), I had to know who these mystery fairy shoemakers were and what they were doing adding to my ever-growing, tantalizing list of premium goods an ordinary college student has no right throwing perfectly good money on, that is of course, unless you absolutely must. This is where I twiddle my thumbs, until the topic courteously shifts (buahahaha).

A couple easy minutes of perusing the interwebs resulted in a thorough interview, conducted by Footwear Plus, of the work ethic and ethos behind the brand Wal and Pai. What I discovered was a heady vision by LA-based pair, Hsuan Pai and Harel Waldman, to "look at the past and think of the future to make a perfect hybrid of recognized aesthetics with modern interpretation." They cite inspiration from the likes of Martin Margiela, Helmut Lang, Rei Kawakubo, and Anne Demeulmeester, all of which is apparent in their own quirky, abstract, minimalist design. Whatever the case, I'm completely enamored by this selection's chalky hues, slouchy ballerina meets astronaut theme, and the pair's obsession with delivering premium quality goods. Waldman ends his interview with a bit of counsel that I have come to (against my better judgement?) internalize - "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."


xx, a Christina who knows not when to say no

Thursday, March 27, 2014

April Appetite

April Appetite

TIBI cotton a line dress / Scotch Soda sweater / Scotch Soda polyester shirt / Dolce Gabbana short sleeve top / Wanda Nylon nylon motorcycle jacket / Opening Ceremony slingback sandals / Marni slingback sandals / STELLA McCARTNEY foldable backpack / Benedetta Bruzziches woven backpack / Carven snap closure wallet / Aurélie Bidermann 18k ring / Aurélie Bidermann bracelet bangle / Marni rose jewelry / Carolina Bucci clover jewelry / Chloé enamel bangle / STELLA JEAN hair accessory / Giorgio Armani tortoise shell sunglasses / Sunday Somewhere / VALENTINO / SENSO

Voila, my treat to you - a spry collection of saliva-inducing goodies to keep you hungry through the month of April. Forgive my lack of posts, a quick weekend trip to NYC has left me high and dry amidst a pile of research papers and dirty laundry to attend to. But don't give up on me just yet, I've got Round 2 of oo-clears-her-desktop in the works! Until then, join the lust party and enjoy these pretty things avec moi.

xx, a Christina THAT close to solving 2048
but also, this hyp song

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Abstract Lull

Sorry about the lack of posts; a sudden tidal onset of midterms has me gasping for life on some distant stormy shore, with only a far-fetched dream and one volleyball friend named Wilson to guide me through these most turbulent days. Kidding, I'll never be as cool as Tom Hanks.

I offer you this, oh gods of blogging prosperity, as tribute until my return.

xx, a Christina looking forward to Friday, Friday
ps - On a style related note, this is what I'm wearing on said island (via Vivienne Westwood SS 14). Just try to question the functionality of this garb because even in my most tempestuous dreams, I can assure you I am looking oh so fly.