Thursday, March 27, 2014

April Appetite

April Appetite

TIBI cotton a line dress / Scotch Soda sweater / Scotch Soda polyester shirt / Dolce Gabbana short sleeve top / Wanda Nylon nylon motorcycle jacket / Opening Ceremony slingback sandals / Marni slingback sandals / STELLA McCARTNEY foldable backpack / Benedetta Bruzziches woven backpack / Carven snap closure wallet / Aurélie Bidermann 18k ring / Aurélie Bidermann bracelet bangle / Marni rose jewelry / Carolina Bucci clover jewelry / Chloé enamel bangle / STELLA JEAN hair accessory / Giorgio Armani tortoise shell sunglasses / Sunday Somewhere / VALENTINO / SENSO

Voila, my treat to you - a spry collection of saliva-inducing goodies to keep you hungry through the month of April. Forgive my lack of posts, a quick weekend trip to NYC has left me high and dry amidst a pile of research papers and dirty laundry to attend to. But don't give up on me just yet, I've got Round 2 of oo-clears-her-desktop in the works! Until then, join the lust party and enjoy these pretty things avec moi.

xx, a Christina THAT close to solving 2048
but also, this hyp song

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Abstract Lull

Sorry about the lack of posts; a sudden tidal onset of midterms has me gasping for life on some distant stormy shore, with only a far-fetched dream and one volleyball friend named Wilson to guide me through these most turbulent days. Kidding, I'll never be as cool as Tom Hanks.

I offer you this, oh gods of blogging prosperity, as tribute until my return.

xx, a Christina looking forward to Friday, Friday
ps - On a style related note, this is what I'm wearing on said island (via Vivienne Westwood SS 14). Just try to question the functionality of this garb because even in my most tempestuous dreams, I can assure you I am looking oh so fly.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mid-Semester Daze

In the midst of my mid-semester high/daze/exhaustion, I've decided to shift a bit of the inspirational clutter gathering on my desktop onto here, lucky you! First to take the stage is an American sweetheart blessed with the voice of an angel, Karen Carpenter. Lead vocalist and oft highlighted drummer in the sibling duo, the Carpenters, this 70's flower-child that captured the attention of millions was undoubtedly a major player in contributing to the world of music as we know it. From "Close to You", which remains a desperate fixture within rom-com films, to songs like "Superstar" which essentially highlight the singer's haunting "basement" voice, her impact is visibly unshaken despite the decades gone by. Passed all this, what remains the biggest mystery to me is the lack of attention the broad receives for her obvious grasp of the freedom-seeking aesthetic of her times. References to the 70's often hark towards French style, citing iconic favorites like Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot, Francoise Hardy, and all for good reason, but how about turning around for a quick sec and sharin' some of that same love with this groovy American honey?

xx, a Christina yearning for the sweet embrace of slumber
photos via tumblr

Monday, March 10, 2014

Bomba Estéreo In the House

This post is late in coming, but so is my exit from puberty. Everything about Bomba Estéreo is too hip, from their hypnotic electro-infused tropical tunes to their most appropriate name (translates to really cool, awesome badass party) to gorgeous lead singer "Li" Saumet's rad style - seriously though, she makes my heart flutter like no other. Her vibrant adieu to traditional norms of Hispanic female aesthetic, as witnessed by spotted face paint, literal eye of the tiger print cowgirl getup, Chia-pet gown, pet flamingo and more,  forever inspire me to jump up and click my heels together. Their latest album, Elegancia Tropical, dropped in 2012 so it's been a baby bit but hey, it takes time to produce magic. Rarely do my head and shoulders act of their own accord, but lately Bomba Estéreo's groovy numbers have claimed them captive and I'm not complaining, so what are you waiting for? Balmy elements, swaying palm trees, braided rainbow hammocks, childhood tans…


xx, a Christina-ita Oo-nez envious of her Latina counterparts
photos ℅ NPR and tumblr

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Merry Frolicking

I quake at the repercussions of this freshman effort, but here you are! My very first outfit post for the entire world wide web to witness - dum dum dum da! Alas this can be seen as no less than the loving result of some incessant urging on the part of my loyal comrades aka roommates tired of me pussin' out. 

Lush tee, Claeson skirt, Canvas Authentic Vans, Vintage D&B bag

Taken against the backdrop of the enchanting Huntington Gardens, these photos will no doubt keep me kickin' upon my return to the currently less than hospitable temperatures of Nashville, TN. Can I just say - for those of you lucky enough to experience this divine weather year-round, I commend your boss life decisions. And for you others, like me, backtracking history and experiencing reverse "manifest destiny", if you haven't made the move yet, I sincerely suggest you set yo' arse down and just consider yourself blessed. 

xx, a Christina feeling preachy
photos via Shiva B. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Just Because

I think this speaks for itself. Swoooooooon.


ps holla at that supremely ribbed sweater - want, with or without Alex Turner in it.

All Hail the Supreme

In the instance you've missed the sensational headlines cast over fashion news err'where, I'm more than happy to step in and serve as MC during these delightful times! Jessica Lange, my timelessly sublime heroine, has been appointed the sparkling new face of Marc Jacobs Beauty! "JES" is all. A most deserving candidate, Ms. Lange is no stranger to being in the spotlight; with a persevering career spanning four, count them f-o-u-r, decades in roles ranging from King Kong's doomed object of affection to her spectacular renditions of the classic femme fatale figure, you can be sure this fiery leading lady will not be going away. So whether you're a recent fan like me, officially inducted by the hypnotic running series - American Horror Story - or have been a devotee from the very conception of her acting pilgrimage, let's raise our glasses to a toast alongside the most venerable reigning supreme. And in the meantime, we'll just have to anxiously await the line's release scheduled to happen this early August.


ps enjoy this AWESOME snippet from Season 2 of AHS 

 xx, a Christina sacrificially choking back a dirty martini
photos via Tumblr