Monday, March 3, 2014

All Hail the Supreme

In the instance you've missed the sensational headlines cast over fashion news err'where, I'm more than happy to step in and serve as MC during these delightful times! Jessica Lange, my timelessly sublime heroine, has been appointed the sparkling new face of Marc Jacobs Beauty! "JES" is all. A most deserving candidate, Ms. Lange is no stranger to being in the spotlight; with a persevering career spanning four, count them f-o-u-r, decades in roles ranging from King Kong's doomed object of affection to her spectacular renditions of the classic femme fatale figure, you can be sure this fiery leading lady will not be going away. So whether you're a recent fan like me, officially inducted by the hypnotic running series - American Horror Story - or have been a devotee from the very conception of her acting pilgrimage, let's raise our glasses to a toast alongside the most venerable reigning supreme. And in the meantime, we'll just have to anxiously await the line's release scheduled to happen this early August.


ps enjoy this AWESOME snippet from Season 2 of AHS 

 xx, a Christina sacrificially choking back a dirty martini
photos via Tumblr 


  1. Wow, I never knew Jessica Lange was a model. I mainly know her through American Horror Story where she looks creepy, grungy, and old but she looks absolutely beautiful in the photos you've posted! It's definitely a new side to Lange that I've never been exposed to and it is so cool to see how versatile she can be. Thanks for the share!