Thursday, March 27, 2014

April Appetite

April Appetite

TIBI cotton a line dress / Scotch Soda sweater / Scotch Soda polyester shirt / Dolce Gabbana short sleeve top / Wanda Nylon nylon motorcycle jacket / Opening Ceremony slingback sandals / Marni slingback sandals / STELLA McCARTNEY foldable backpack / Benedetta Bruzziches woven backpack / Carven snap closure wallet / Aurélie Bidermann 18k ring / Aurélie Bidermann bracelet bangle / Marni rose jewelry / Carolina Bucci clover jewelry / Chloé enamel bangle / STELLA JEAN hair accessory / Giorgio Armani tortoise shell sunglasses / Sunday Somewhere / VALENTINO / SENSO

Voila, my treat to you - a spry collection of saliva-inducing goodies to keep you hungry through the month of April. Forgive my lack of posts, a quick weekend trip to NYC has left me high and dry amidst a pile of research papers and dirty laundry to attend to. But don't give up on me just yet, I've got Round 2 of oo-clears-her-desktop in the works! Until then, join the lust party and enjoy these pretty things avec moi.

xx, a Christina THAT close to solving 2048
but also, this hyp song

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  1. Love the clementine shirt.