Thursday, March 6, 2014

Merry Frolicking

I quake at the repercussions of this freshman effort, but here you are! My very first outfit post for the entire world wide web to witness - dum dum dum da! Alas this can be seen as no less than the loving result of some incessant urging on the part of my loyal comrades aka roommates tired of me pussin' out. 

Lush tee, Claeson skirt, Canvas Authentic Vans, Vintage D&B bag

Taken against the backdrop of the enchanting Huntington Gardens, these photos will no doubt keep me kickin' upon my return to the currently less than hospitable temperatures of Nashville, TN. Can I just say - for those of you lucky enough to experience this divine weather year-round, I commend your boss life decisions. And for you others, like me, backtracking history and experiencing reverse "manifest destiny", if you haven't made the move yet, I sincerely suggest you set yo' arse down and just consider yourself blessed. 

xx, a Christina feeling preachy
photos via Shiva B. 


  1. Glad to finally see some pictures of you on the blog love! Looking good! xx

  2. YAY this makes me excited 4 the future xoxo

  3. You're adorable..and your outfit is on point! POST MORE