Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mid-Semester Daze

In the midst of my mid-semester high/daze/exhaustion, I've decided to shift a bit of the inspirational clutter gathering on my desktop onto here, lucky you! First to take the stage is an American sweetheart blessed with the voice of an angel, Karen Carpenter. Lead vocalist and oft highlighted drummer in the sibling duo, the Carpenters, this 70's flower-child that captured the attention of millions was undoubtedly a major player in contributing to the world of music as we know it. From "Close to You", which remains a desperate fixture within rom-com films, to songs like "Superstar" which essentially highlight the singer's haunting "basement" voice, her impact is visibly unshaken despite the decades gone by. Passed all this, what remains the biggest mystery to me is the lack of attention the broad receives for her obvious grasp of the freedom-seeking aesthetic of her times. References to the 70's often hark towards French style, citing iconic favorites like Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot, Francoise Hardy, and all for good reason, but how about turning around for a quick sec and sharin' some of that same love with this groovy American honey?

xx, a Christina yearning for the sweet embrace of slumber
photos via tumblr


  1. My dad loves the Carpenters! I think we have their "greatest love songs" collection back at home.

  2. oooo, an oldie but goodie!!! good choice

  3. Love the focus on old fashion culture! Groovy