Monday, March 10, 2014

Bomba Estéreo In the House

This post is late in coming, but so is my exit from puberty. Everything about Bomba Estéreo is too hip, from their hypnotic electro-infused tropical tunes to their most appropriate name (translates to really cool, awesome badass party) to gorgeous lead singer "Li" Saumet's rad style - seriously though, she makes my heart flutter like no other. Her vibrant adieu to traditional norms of Hispanic female aesthetic, as witnessed by spotted face paint, literal eye of the tiger print cowgirl getup, Chia-pet gown, pet flamingo and more,  forever inspire me to jump up and click my heels together. Their latest album, Elegancia Tropical, dropped in 2012 so it's been a baby bit but hey, it takes time to produce magic. Rarely do my head and shoulders act of their own accord, but lately Bomba Estéreo's groovy numbers have claimed them captive and I'm not complaining, so what are you waiting for? Balmy elements, swaying palm trees, braided rainbow hammocks, childhood tans…


xx, a Christina-ita Oo-nez envious of her Latina counterparts
photos ℅ NPR and tumblr


  1. She has an interesting look, but I like the flamingo. Try incorporating that into your next shoot, heh.

  2. I love the vibrant colors. You should post an outfit from your inspiration with Bomba Estereo!