Monday, February 24, 2014

Forest Sprite of Suite 1006

We!Want!Sun! That too, but actually the true vision for this quickly tossed together shoot was born from a bouquet of roses bequeathed to Belinda in honor of her natal day. Subtract the star roses set aside for our resident vase, and we were left with all the other good stuff in a traditional bouquet - baby's breath and other lesser known but nonetheless pretty leafy greens. A bit of stem twisting, hair mussing, and in five minutes - voila! We had a bona fide wreath to bestow upon our forest sprite.


On a related note, I'm more than giddy to share that I have enlisted the help of my RA and friend for photographic assistance on Oo-Meows! This means you, Nugget Veera. With her trusty portrait lens and disarming smile in hand, you can surely expect great things to come.

xx, a Christina making owl calls under a shady tree

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Zara SS 14 Collection

Guys, guys! I'm only half ventilating as I comb through Zara's now available SS14 collection online. There are so many GOOD pieces I'm adding to my spring wishlist - a list harboring hope of a world beyond this winter's harsh icy winds and seemingly eternal gloom. You'll hate me when you find I'm living in the most temperate of places - Nashville, TN - at the moment. Buahahha, so I have a tendency to exaggerate - what chu gon' do bout it? The thing is, my roots trace back to motherly, warmth-promising Southern California so please let the whining slide just this once because I am the generous bearer of beautiful clothes, at least in picture form. Check it.

xx, a Christina repeatedly refreshing her bank account page
Photos ℅ Zara

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Out God-Watching

"How can anyone deny the pleasure of my company? It's beyond me."

If this is any indication of the kind of badassery Zora Neale Hurston got up to in her time, I know I wouldn't be too shy to stray into the likes of her company ever. I want this mantra to soak into me, however long as it takes, until I am just as sparkly and beautiful from within as this time-enduring figure of female pride and empowerment.

Not to mention, this woman was stylin' inside and out. Yes, I am speaking to you mysteriously perched feather of perfection, beaded encirclement of shell wonder, carpet bag concealing magic powers. Oh hello, it also appears Ms. Hurston is the original couch surfer, and in that very radical pose too. A true pioneer in all regards!

xx, a Christina echoing words of affirmation to herself
photos via tumblr

Friday, February 21, 2014

Zimmermann FW 14

Dreamy cloud-painted silks, mannish boxy moto jackets, badass dark purple lippy, and those mysterious black bows tied around the girls' necks. The show that carried Zimmermann's third appearance stateside evokes a dark rendition of times, at least in my eyes, in the rural West circa 1930's. The actual inspiration stems from a photo discovered by Australian designer Nicky Zimmerman of her parents in Sydney in the late 1950's, as well as insight taken from the several cultural revolutions that have taken place in Australia over the years - running the gamut of teddy girls, beatniks, and sharpies. The whole of it results in a myriad of shapes, forms, and textures promising wide open spaces and unruly behavior bubbling just beneath a pristine surface. These are a few of my favorite looks, but you can covet the entirety of the collection here.


xx, a Christina left pining after perfectly pinned curls, bum bruising buggy rides, and breathtakingly dramatic blue skies
photos via Style

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Grand Gestures

The weekend is fast approaching, and my what a big one it'll be! First up is Valentine's Day, a holiday with the power to bring together as well as divide all who are capable of some good old fashioned lurvin'. This year, I'll be saddling up with the more optimistic bunch and take the hand of my main man down to dinner. But for all you swinging singles, take my good friend Tsoy's example and celebrate in other ways! Her preferred choice is nail painting in a festive black (hoorah for emotions!), but made merry with flecks of silver to turn the frown of her soul upside down. 

The day after, our suite will be happy to present our "Birthday Sex" themed soiree to the Vanderbilt public. The gathering is being called to honor the births of not one, not two, but three of the lovely residents that make up the tight-knit enclave residing in Suite 1006. In the meantime, stay tuned for pictures from this girl! She is oh-so-excited to be featured as a frequent model on this endeavor of mine. Because I'm never gonna give you up (a promise to this blog).

xoxo, the Oo.