Sunday, February 23, 2014

Zara SS 14 Collection

Guys, guys! I'm only half ventilating as I comb through Zara's now available SS14 collection online. There are so many GOOD pieces I'm adding to my spring wishlist - a list harboring hope of a world beyond this winter's harsh icy winds and seemingly eternal gloom. You'll hate me when you find I'm living in the most temperate of places - Nashville, TN - at the moment. Buahahha, so I have a tendency to exaggerate - what chu gon' do bout it? The thing is, my roots trace back to motherly, warmth-promising Southern California so please let the whining slide just this once because I am the generous bearer of beautiful clothes, at least in picture form. Check it.

xx, a Christina repeatedly refreshing her bank account page
Photos ℅ Zara


  1. I have been following this blog since the conception! I love your posts and look forward to your updates! xx

  2. Wow these look great! Zara has some amazing collection!!

  3. Thanks for the tip! I'm so going to do some online shopping at Zara this afternoon :)

  4. xtina, I'm dying at the way you're signing off hahaha :) happy to see you're finally doing stuff with this :) when do pics of u start??

    1. Hahaha oh Ana, trust me when I say it took a whole lot of coercion from the girls. But don't think I've forgotten your role - you were the first pusher! ;)

  5. AH the teal/silver sequined crop top is beautiful..a must have!!! Love this post