Monday, February 24, 2014

Forest Sprite of Suite 1006

We!Want!Sun! That too, but actually the true vision for this quickly tossed together shoot was born from a bouquet of roses bequeathed to Belinda in honor of her natal day. Subtract the star roses set aside for our resident vase, and we were left with all the other good stuff in a traditional bouquet - baby's breath and other lesser known but nonetheless pretty leafy greens. A bit of stem twisting, hair mussing, and in five minutes - voila! We had a bona fide wreath to bestow upon our forest sprite.


On a related note, I'm more than giddy to share that I have enlisted the help of my RA and friend for photographic assistance on Oo-Meows! This means you, Nugget Veera. With her trusty portrait lens and disarming smile in hand, you can surely expect great things to come.

xx, a Christina making owl calls under a shady tree


  1. Ah! What a truly refreshing and inspiring editorial! This is just the stuff I yearn for on a dreary eve such as this. Cheerio!

  2. This model looks absolutely gorgeous, please showcase her more on your blog