Friday, February 21, 2014

Zimmermann FW 14

Dreamy cloud-painted silks, mannish boxy moto jackets, badass dark purple lippy, and those mysterious black bows tied around the girls' necks. The show that carried Zimmermann's third appearance stateside evokes a dark rendition of times, at least in my eyes, in the rural West circa 1930's. The actual inspiration stems from a photo discovered by Australian designer Nicky Zimmerman of her parents in Sydney in the late 1950's, as well as insight taken from the several cultural revolutions that have taken place in Australia over the years - running the gamut of teddy girls, beatniks, and sharpies. The whole of it results in a myriad of shapes, forms, and textures promising wide open spaces and unruly behavior bubbling just beneath a pristine surface. These are a few of my favorite looks, but you can covet the entirety of the collection here.


xx, a Christina left pining after perfectly pinned curls, bum bruising buggy rides, and breathtakingly dramatic blue skies
photos via Style

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  1. These models are so beautiful! Wow, what an inspiration.